Welcome to Always Protective Services, LLC.  APS is a security service provider who is available to serve your needs 24 hours a day, every day, throughout the year.

Logo 3Our company was set up, first and foremost, to help reintegrate our returning military heroes into the civilian sector.  We hire 90% to 95% military personnel, and help them transition with counseling and a sense of family. Second, provide a secure location for not only our client’s assets, but to protect the public from dangerous situations. We have been in business for two years and have not had any break-ins, acts of vandalism, or a single situation that would hinder the operations of our clients.

APS is owned and operated by Heather Magill. She has certifications in PPO (Private Patrol Officer), DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) and WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) In addition, we are currently working to achieve our GSA (General Services Administration) and SBA (Small Business Administration).  Not only are our wages competitive, but the tax incentives are astounding.

We provide Security Guard, Patrol, and Executive Protection, in addition to customized solutions that are right for you.  If you read or watch the news in California, you know that theft, break-ins, and home-invasion robberies are on the rise.  Don’t take chances with the safety of your family, employees, valuable personal belongings, or business assets. Our security officers have the advantage of being trained by our Elite Military Forces.  They are licensed, and meet all requirements of the State of California for private security guards.  They’ve proven themselves before being hired.  Upon contracting with us, you can expect our guards to begin protecting you within 1-3 hours.

returning-soldiersOur objective is to provide you with custom one-source security solutions. APS was designed to provide professional assistance to our clients in developing, staffing, and operating a Security Program. If you have an existing Program, we will work within your protocols, and help you to develop a more efficient Program.   APS Executive Protection provides custom service to clients.  We have a Travel Concierge Service that can arrange for all travel services, including private jets, yachts, and car service. If your needs include bullet proof vehicles, we got them!

We hold our ethics and standards to the highest levels, and conduct ourselves accordingly.  At APS, your safety and security is our business. You’ll sleep easier knowing APS is on the job protecting your facilities.  Always.  From home, to facility, to travel.   Give us a call today to speak to one of our elite trained senior-management staff to put together a strategic and cost-effective plan to secure your assets.  We’re here to Serve and Protect.

Security Services That We Offereagle with flag

  • Military trained professionals
  • On-site Uniformed Officer
  • On-site Plain-clothes Officers
  • On-site Unarmed Security Guard
  • Security Patrol Services
  • Bodyguard Service
  • Alarm Response
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Executive Protection
  • Escort Services
  • Custom Protection Services
  • Secure Lockup Services
  • Secured Human & Non-human Transport Services
  • Security Consultations
  • Physical Security Surveys

Typical Types of Locations That We Protect

  • Construction Sites / Constriction Yards
  • Home Security / Home Security Guards / Home Security Patrol /
    Gated Communities Security
  • Apartments and Apartment Complexes Security / Condominium Security / High Rise Buildings Security
  • Homeowners Association Security / Property Management
  • Company Security
  • Airports Security / Bus Stations Security / Train Stations Security / Transportation Hubs Security
  • Auto Dealership Security
  • Bank Security
  • School / University Security
  • Commercial Security / Industrial Security / Warehouse Building Security
  • Storage Facility Security
  • Shopping Centers Security / Retail Store Security
  • Hotel Security / Resort Security
  • Hospital Security / Medical Center Security
  • Retirement Home Security

Protection at Special Events

  • Banquets / Awards Ceremony Securityarmy-60701_1280
  • Concert Security
  • Fairs and Carnivals Security
  • Fundraiser Security
  • Funeral Security
  • Government Functions Security
  • Political Parties Security
  • Birthday Party Security
  • Trade Shows Security (Car, Garden, Gun, Bridal, Computer, etc.)
  • Sporting Events Security
  • Strikes Security
  • Weddings Security
  • Special Events Security
  • Celebrity Security
  • And More

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Our professional staff is standing by to help you with all your security service needs.

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Corona , CA 92879

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